Grimme Potato Harvester at G.W.Jones's Ramsey Mereside Farm (l-R)Iris Weber, Mollie Howard, Sonia Parish.

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  • Great machine. Worked on one of the modern Grimme about 1989 for the Burgess Family of Yaxley, also was Q.C. at the carrot grading factory, which opened in 1990 at Yaxley. First job at Yaxley was potato picking behind a spinner, around 1958, love to work on the black
    peaty fenland, a true fenland tiger. Decendant of the SLOTE family. Never afraid of hard work, always on the go, a true fen spirit, my brother Brian Strickson now lives at 260 Oilmills Rd Mereside. As my dad used to say see you on the ice.

    By margaret long nee strickson (29/10/2016)

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