Day out for the workers from Wagstaff's Farm, Ramsey

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  • Hi, I like looking at this site. It reminds me of times spent at Ramsey as a child in the 60s and 70s. Anyway, to this picture. The man standing 2nd right is my Grandfather William ‘Henry’ or Bill Butler who lived at 24 Newtown Road, right next to what was Wagstaffs farm (I think) I certainly remember playing in the ruins of a farm as a child. The picture is a little grainy but I think that the lady in the floral skirt,5th from right is my mother, Jean Butler (became Hyde). Finally, although the picture is grainy, I think the lady in the white hat and black top (between the two young boys, one who is pulling a face)is my grandmother, Edith Butler (nee Goodliff). I had two great uncles, Ernie & Ailwyn who are shown on the boy scouts page. Hope this helps. Thanks. Colin.

    By Colin Hyde (17/03/2014)

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